The portrait phase of her painting career bloomed while a resident fellow at Yale. Heidi painted several official portraits which now hang in prominent places throughout the University. Prior to that, Heidi was unaware of her brewing talent for capturing the essence of her subjects. Portraiture presented the greatest challenge of her career, and she has embraced it since.

Life Iconics

A traditional formal portrait is very time and labor-intensive. It typically includes several sittings, lighting in the studio or in the location, several in-person consultations, and of course, painting on site. Heidi has always wished that these personal artworks were accessible to more people. She has found a way to do that through Life Iconic Studio, working from clients cherished photographs.

Formal Commisioned Portraits

Each formal portrait is created and priced according to size, the number of subjects and the number of require sittings. Heidi works with the client to determine the number of sittings along with a photo session. Travel presents no barrier to the commission, and all portraits are only delivered with 100% satisfaction of the likeness. In order to capture the essence of the subject(s), it is important for Heidi to meet and interact with them. This enables the painting to depict the person from within as well as their countenance. work is the culmination of 40 years of painting, utilizing all that she has learned about light, color, drawing, and incorporating her life experience. Heidi expresses freely in these typically large paintings. They sometimes evince nautical subjects and themes of nature, but all are anchored an emotional expression of the world around us.

Legacy Portraits

As a loving tribute to those we have loved and lost, a legacy portrait can be created by making a computer generated photo to use as a subject. Heidi works with her collaborator, Lantz Preg, to combine photos and in essence place the subject in their special, meaningful life context. She works with the family to perfect the image from which the painting is done.