The portrait phase of her painting career bloomed while a resident fellow at Yale. Heidi painted several official portraits which now hang in prominent places throughout the University. Prior to that, Heidi was unaware of her talent for capturing the essence of her subjects. Portraiture presented the greatest challenge of her career, and she has embraced it since.



Heidi’s abstract work is the culmination of 40 years of painting, utilizing all that she has learned about light, color, drawing, and incorporating her life experience. Heidi expresses freely in these typically large paintings. They sometimes evince nautical subjects and themes of nature, but all are anchored in an emotional expression of the world around us.


Coastal Scenes

As a New-Englander and avid sailor, Heidi is drawn to coastal subjects, depicting the majesty of the sea, serenity of the coastline, and beauty of the sailing life. Having spent several summers in Maine, in Connecticut, and Massachusetts either on a sailboat or enjoying the beaches, she finds the sea a natural and favored motif for her more representational work.

Floral-Still-Life-Painted-by-Artist-Heidi-Coutu copy


Flowers are truly natures bounty when it comes to color . Heidi moves between abstract and impressionistic renditions for her floral paintings, both in scenery and still life.



Based on travels near and far, Heidi uses the atmosphere and light in a landscape as inspiration.