On our way from Chartres to Saint Emilion-Montagne we stopped for lunch in Poitiers.  It was a good choice.  We stretched our legs, had lunch at Bistro Regent, a chain with a good menu of basic roasted meats, fish, frites, and salads in a French country style at very reasonable prices and with a simple appealing atmosphere.  But most interesting was that we happened on the Saturday market.  We shopped for dinner knowing that we would arrive in Montagne, a very small town, well after any hope of a restaurant being open.  I am writing this in retrospect, having finished a month on our journey, and we always shop the open-air markets for the singularly interesting and delicious local foods.  In France our best meals have come from the markets and in Italy our best meals have been in restaurants.  The markets also have turned out to be an interesting way to get to know people.  Here below a grandson taking time from his university studies to help his grandmother sell her meat pies (our dinner).  Poitiers is a university town, and the students provided a lively spirit and we happened on an old pub, drinking only, with instructors and students enjoying a warm camaraderie.  This stop was a fine introduction to adventures a bit off the beaten path.  Again we did not see or hear any Americans or Brits and there were no crowds of tourists.