Our friends Brian and Joanne joined us in Sorrento as an adjunct to their Italian Alps ski trip.  Brian and Joanne are neighbors from East Haven, Short Beach/Brown Roads neighborhood and avid racing sailors.  Brian has raced all the major Long Island Sound Races, Block Island, and Bermuda races for years on board hi J-124 and J-145. So, we like minded compatriots took on the challenge of the coastal road from Positano to Amalfi to Salerno.

Brian rode shotgun and I piloted the Citroen C-5 SUV.  Heidi provided sound effects from the back seat and Joanne took pictures.  I needed Brian to call out the distance to the rock wall preventing us from going over the cliff to the ocean below.  The road seemed to be miraculously hung on shear rock walls.  It made me wonder how it bore the weight of trucks and full-size tour busses and in one instance we missed a collision with a bus by a mere 2 inches around one hairpin turn.  I did not see much of the coast because any lapse in attention would result in grievous harm to the car or terminal harm to us.


I have never experienced as threatening and debilitating a drive in 54 years of driving including traveling unmarked dirt roads over a mountain to Nara, Japan, the narrow roads of Tokyo, the mountainous coastal road of the Izu peninsula, nor Big Sur (a walk in the park).  I am relying on Joanne’s photos to see where we were that day.  That evening I had 2 Manhattans just to unwind before wine with dinner.

If I had a crazy urge to travel this road again it would be by motorcycle because it would at least fit going past trucks and buses with a nice margin of error.  Although, we did not find Amalfi very interesting (it was a tourist trap) and Positano had little opportunity to find a place to park a car and explore.  Other than the spectacular ocean scenery it was not worth the trouble and the scenery weighs in at a close call.  Just another place overwhelmed by too many people in this age of mass tourism.

February 15, Positano & Amalfi, Italy02 February 15, Positano & Amalfi, Italy02