We stopped in Ostia Antica because it split the 380 mile distance from Pisa to Sorrento and it is a town with cultural significance.  Our lodgings were in the center of the old town and new and immaculately clean but with a somewhat flashy Las Vegas/Cat Lady feel to it and a parking spot by the front door (a rare parking find).  We dined in with food and wine we had gathered from farmers markets along the way.

Ostia Antica was the site of the ancient seaport that served Rome, being only about 15 miles from the city center.  It also contains archeological discoveries to equal Pompeii but on a much smaller scale.  We did not tour the sites knowing we would be in Pompeii in a few days and we were excited to reach Sorrento our base for southern Italy.

The center of Ostia Antica is medieval as you can see from this photo below.  Every town, city, village we visited in Italy and France had a walled ancient city and almost always on a height, the better to see approaching danger.  The need for walls is far removed from our contemporary experience.  It shouts danger and instability.  We forget how secure we are despite our troubles which seem so large, they are not, given the perspective of the long history of our species.